Learn to Fly 2

Learn to fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 is a sequel of smash hit flash game called Learn To Fly. It is the second game and it has a cut scene that opens so that you can find a penguin down and also recovering in a hospital.  He may be down but not out and he will smash free from the hospital to start learning how the fly and decides that he can take down some iceberg and snowmen. Is he going to be able to take the iceberg or snowman down? As the player, you have to help him out.


The game is divided into three modes and they are called story, arcade with classic mode. The story mode is when you should take down an iceberg so that you can be able to take a penguin to the hospital. The game has good upgrades and tools. It gives the chance to the player to achieve such task. Before the penguin was doing to stunts on his own but now he has the foresight on using the test dummy. Before he was using the single glider but now it should use four gliders.  The game has four rockets boosters that you can buy, four types of the sleds and four different payloads. The sled has a new tool that can be used to slide down or to ramp the payloads which should be used to take the iceberg down.

Arcade mode is the mode that teaches you to budget the money and it gives you 3 sets of the fixed budgets. You should try to get bet scores with good results.

Classic mode is the mode which is similar to the first and the classic mode.  The player has to fly higher as possible towards the right.  The idea and the objectives are the same as the first ones.

learn to fly

Game Rewards

Bonuses and medals are the rewards that you can get when you play to get the bonuses. When you earn a medal, it is the results of performing different action games and this may be trivial like scrolling the menu down or up  or to do something which is somehow substantial as earning too much cash or finishing the three modes of the game.  This is detailed reward system compared to the old option.


Game Play

The bonuses offers the best way that people can get ahead and can earn better results within this game. The bonuses may vary from having to make money for each attempt or to adjust to the in-game calendar in order to make the attempts. These are going to enhance the progress you get within this game yandere simulator.  There are more bonuses and you may choose to buy music packs which change the background music. This does not interfere with your game but it improves the coolness of this game. In addition of the improvements, the gameplay is still the same and it is about flying constantly, the height you use to fly and how high you are flying.  The addition to the game is to taking down the snowmen and the iceberg.